History of the Workshop Presentations

The 4th Step workshop we currently share was first created for the Melbourne AA Steps Weekend in 2006. The 1st Step presentation was added for that event in 2009.

Since then, we developed the Step 2 & 3 presentation and these first three workshops are shown on a weekly basis at a local re-hab.

The Traditions workshop was added in 2010 and is especially popular will AA Districts and Area Assemblies.

Now that we have added the Cleaning House workshop (steps 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9), the Daily Routine workshop (steps 10 & 11) and the Carrying the Message workshop (steps 12), we are able to cover AA’s complete 12 steps of recovery.

Because we’ve had experience creating and maintaining websites and web technology, we’ve added the Tradition Eleven and the Internet workshop.

The AA’s 12 Concepts of World Service workshop was added when we were invited to present a whole day of workshops about traditions and service in 2014.

A recently created workshop is about The Doctor’s Opinion from the AA Big Book. It was first created to be shown at the revived Melbourne AA Steps Weekend in 2015.

Our latest creation is a workshop on the Alcoholic Cycle.