Powerpoint slideshow for the Introduction to AA workshop

We have printed handouts for many of the workshops we do. They are listed below for you to download.

Step 1

Readings from the Step One Workshop – Step One Readings (pdf)
Download Handout – Step One Choices (pdf)

Step 2 & 3

Download Handout – Illustrated Steps Chart (pdf)

Step 4

Steps 5 to 9

Download Handout – Illustrated Steps Before & After Housecleaning (pdf)

Steps 10 & 11

Step 12

Download Handout – The 12 Steps Of 12th Stepping (pdf)

The Doctor’s Opinion

View image – The Jellineck Curve
Download Handout – Alcohol Use Disorder: DSM-5 diagnosis (pdf).
Download – AA’s 12 Questions (pdf)
Link – Cochrane Library Study of Alcoholics Anonymous

Checklist – Steps One, Two, Three

Download Handout – Illustrated Steps – Alcoholic Checklist

Emotional Sobriety

Download Handout – Bill W’s Grapevine article

Twelve Traditions

Download Handout – Principles behind the Traditions (pdf)